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Hey, I'm Holly and I believe that

Everyone has a unique positionality to effect beautiful change, and that when we are embodied, we can better serve the change we seek.


Seven years ago, I was burnt out, overwhelmed, and numb to my intuition.

I didn’t know how to come home to myself.

I began to explore my creative voice and sacred embodiment after almost two decades of feeling distant from myself and my own creative power. I found myself in service to others but perpetually self-abandoning and not addressing my inner world and wounds. When I started to do deep inner work, with the support of my teachers, joyful service began to arise out of me. I am much more able to serve others without getting burnt out.

Now, I get so much joy out of guiding people back home to themselves and their innate creativity.

Exploring my creativity and voice through deep inner work was like finding an oasis in a desert - a nurturing home within myself. Finding this wellspring shifted my whole life, and it can bring a beautiful shift to your life too. 

Find your wellspring today.

Holly helped me identify an overlap between what I can offer and where my passion is so that I could direct my work in a way that would sustain my business and my self. We were even able to work beyond that to determine aspects of my consulting style so that I can both and more value to my work and differentiate myself. Working with Holly was easy and fulfilling and I'm so happy with the insights we were able to find together.

- Maren

In the desert,

it's still enough to hear thoughts

slow enough to sense desires

and neutral enough to see colorful possibilities.

The desert landscape has been the context of much of my soul searching, and is a fountain of inspiration for the work I do. The extreme climate of the desert evokes resourceful creativity, slowing down, reflecting, and future visioning in me, which I pass along to you. In gratitude to the desert.


It’s your journey, your life. Let’s make it beautiful.

Are you ready for beautiful change?

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