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Experience a unique blend of mindfulness, mapping, and reflection
to invite deep, intuitive clarity into your moment of change.


Find courage, adaptability, and fulfillment.


Strengthen and inspire your team today.


Ground, reflect, and imagine.

Hey, Creative Human!

You and I both know that exploring creativity is magical, meaningful, and at times, overwhelming and isolating.


Living in the neck of the “shoulds”

Being your own worst critic

Getting in your own way

Choosing convenience over courage

Let's move you out of the stuckness, the murkiness, the doubt and back into your deep creative flow.

When you’re in your flow, you make waves of change.

My Process

Embodied Practice

Our bodies are so wise. By weaving meditation and yoga into sessions, we can access many layers of information.


Reflective Support

You are full of possibilities. It is a joy to reflect those gems back to you through mapping exercises and active listening so you can learn more about yourself and receive support.


Systems Design

Embodying change takes intention, commitment and compassion. Together we ensure there are systems in place to help you take action in a sustainable way.


Creative Exploration

Exploring your unique creative voice can help expand your sense of possibility, and connect you to your inner guide.



We meet in the uncertainty and possibility of change, and navigate through activities curated for your needs.


My Process
Holly led our venture through a two-session visual whiteboard reflection process. She interrogated our vision, team, customer relationship, and value proposition using a vocabulary grounded in universal thinking. Tactically, Holly moves between the macro & micro, the corporeal & spiritual, and the silly & practical to better align her clients' goals with their target audiences' needs. Our conversations with her yielded newfound understanding amongst our team regarding what we really want to create together - as well as a new name for ourselves.

- Joe from Emerge

My Offerings


Find courage, adaptability, and fulfillment.

I love dreaming with people and discovering their unique loves and visions. Together, we will unearth opportunities or questions that feel aligned for you right now.

$80, $100, or $120 for 1 hour session

Strengthen and inspire your team.

When teammates are in flow with each other, it feels like magic. Together, we will get crystal clear on your vision, the context you're working in, and set you up for sustainable co-creation.

$120, $140, or $160 for 90 minute session



Ground, reflect, and imagine.

Human gatherings can be both inspiring and over-stimulating. I offer Tarot and Meditation services for individuals and small groups at gatherings (festivals, birthday parties, etc.) to meet people at this powerful time to ground, reflect, and imagine in a trauma-informed way.

Inquire for pricing options

My Offerings
1:1 Coaching
Team Coaching
Tarot & Meditation

Taking responsibility means that in the face of barriers we still have the capacity to invest our lives, to shape our destinies in ways that maximize our well being.


Let's Talk Money

I believe that everyone deserves access to powerful change, despite financial inequality.

Taking the time to reflect on life, intentions, and creative visions is a privilege. For this reason, it’s important to me that my offerings are accessible to all who are interested. I offer 3 tiers of pricing to meet you where you are. Limited scholarships are available.

60 MIN




90 MIN




For every 10 purchases under "Expanding", I can offer 1 Full Scholarship.


You are a co-creator of your life experience. You are an agent of change.

It’s your journey, your life. Let’s make it beautiful.

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